lemon hart 151

Lemon Hart is a well-known name in the world of rum and is often used by reviewers as a benchmark when they are evaluating what they think are the best rums. The review that follows was prepared by a tiki lover that has recently tasted many of the rums that have been released by this company.

Tiki Tasting: Lemon Hart151. Tiki lovers and rum enthusiasts both were excited about the news that Lemon Hart151 was returning to the market, and over the past few months it trickled down to widespread availability in a number of retail outlets throughout Southern California. Stores in Orange County (or at least rum shops in So Cal), were a bit slower on the uptake and it was until very recently that I was able to actually get my hands on a bottle of this great new release. It is always a joy to get a chance to sample the best rums out there, and I have found that many of them fall somewhere in between what a standard tiki bar might stock and what you might think that is possible for the average store to stock.

In my travels, I had seen several bottles of Lemon Hart151 and had read some of the reviews that were posted on Tiki forums. When I finally got a chance to try a few samples of the new product, I decided to get a couple of different bottles to try. What I discovered after trying out a few different bottles was that Lemon Hart151 has a distinct fruity smell that is not nearly as offensive as most people would have you believe it is.

The great thing about this particular rum is that it is not a heavy drink. At only 7% alcohol, Lemon Hart is not going to knock your socks off if you are just trying to have a glass with friends. However, if you are looking for a more sophisticated tiki cocktail, or simply want something that has a nice kick without being overpowering, then this could be just what you are looking for.

I also like the way that Lemon Hart tastes. It reminds me a little of lime in a glass. Not the same as the actual lime juice, but it definitely tastes similar.

When I first opened up the bottle of Lemon Hart, I was a little disappointed because I was expecting the fruitier taste of Lemon Hart. to dominate the aroma, but surprisingly, the smell that this product gave off was quite sweet and pleasant. This is a great indication that it is not a very heavy rum, in fact, it feels very light, and fruity at times. The taste itself isn’t as complex as the aromas and the sweetness does not feel overwhelming.

When I tried the Rum Flavor, I thought that I would be getting a more vanilla flavor, but instead the taste was almost like the taste of cinnamon with a little bit of vanilla thrown in. This did not really appeal to me, so I’m guessing that I would have to taste it to find out. The Aftertaste was sweet and clean and I would be willing to say that it doesn’t really have a strong after taste, which could be good or bad. depending on how you want your aftertaste.

I would say that Lemon Horn 151 is a great addition to my bike collection. It has all of the characteristics that a great rum should have and is a little more subtle than some of the other rums that I own. However, if you are looking for a light rum with a slight fruity undertone that isn’t overwhelming, then this could be for you. The price is right, and you will be satisfied with the results.